Halibut Fishing

Alaska Halibut Fishing from Kodiak Island

Alaska Halibut Fishing

Remote Alaskan Fishing for Halibut

Kodiak Island, Alaska is truly a sportsmans paradise. At Kodiak Adventures Lodge our fishing is never more than a 10-30 minute boat ride away from some of Kodiak Islands best fishing. We are a fly in remote lodge accessible by a scenic 30 minute float plane flight with Island Air Service from Kodiak City. If you are looking for a truly remote Alaskan wilderness lodge, this is it!!!!

We fish for Halibut and all bottom fish, including Ling Cod, Rockfish and Pacific Cod all in the protected waters of Kiliuda Bay.

We fish full days on the saltwater from a comfortable boat with a maximum of 6 people per boat. For an even better experience, if you have your own group and book a minumum of 4 fishermen, you will get exclusive use of the lodge and boat.

Multiple Species

Kiliuda Bay in a great bay for fishing multiple species of bottom fish. While fishing for Halibut is always on everybodies mind, we do have the opportunity to fish for Yelloweye, Black Rockfish, Ling Cod and Pacific Cod all without a long boat ride from our halibut grounds. We fish for rockfish with light tackle which makes this very exciting and a great childrens’ fishery, but people of all ages enjoy the fight of a big Black Rockfish on light line.

Halibut Fishing on Kodiak Island Alaska

The unique part of Kodiak Island and in particular Kiliuda Bay, are the depths at which we catch Halibut. Most of the fishing we do is less than 200 feet. The average depth is 60-100 feet. At these depths halibut fight much harder and are a bigger challenge even for the experienced bottom fisherman. Fishing shallower water is far less exhausting on the arms and back, so the added benefit is you have more energy to fight the big ones and can fish all day long with more enjoyment. This is great for families and our older clients.

We fish with quality rods and 2 speed reels which makes checking bait quick and provides for more “bottom time”. We use a variety of methods and baits for catching halibut throughout the season. As an experienced captain, I know the importance of having lots of “tricks” to entice them to bite

We are always looking for the hot bait or jig of the day. Although, sometimes it does not matter what you have as terminal tackle and drop in the water, as halibut can have voracious appetites making for an exciting day of fishing.

Wildlife Viewing

Whether trolling for salmon or jigging for bottom fish, we have the opportunity to view many of the different species of wildlife Kodiak has to offer. Blacktailed deer, seals, sea otters, river otters, sea lions, orcas, dolphins, and the occasional breaching Humpback whale along with many different sea birds are just a few of the abundant wildlife in and around Kodiak Island. Kodiak Brown bears tours are always on the agenda while fishing. We see them quite frequently along the shore, hunting for washed up morsels. This is a great way to safely view these giants for those that are timid about our brown bears.

If you’re looking for a truly great sportsmans lodge and an Alaskan Halibut fishing package, you’ve got see Kodiak Island. Book a trip with Kodiak Adventures lodge and experience a trip of a lifetime.

Booking information:

A 50% deposit is required to book all trips unless more than 1 year in advance.

Most of our packages are combo bottom fishing/salmon fishing trips. Just check out our other pages for Alaska sport fishing packages, what we can provide and our rates. Best way to contact us year around is: info@kodiakadventureslodge.com

or you can call Captian Larry from Jan.-April 15th (907) 892-1325 . Leave a message from April- Dec. (there is no phone service at the lodge, but we do check messages and we will call you back within a couple days !!!!)