Some groups come and can not seem to unwind from their daily life. Others seem to slide right into the vacation mode very easily.

A family from Switzerland did just that. They were a lot of fun and very relaxed. Which always makes our jobs easy and not seem like work which suits us just fine. It always sets the tone for the lodge.  Appreciation for the beauty that Kodiak Island has to offer should be high on the list. This is one of the things that sets Kodiak apart from other destinations in Alaska. We like to think we have a little piece of heaven here.

They came with all of the right stuff.  Very little English was spoken but fishing and having fun translates into any language. Seeing Humpback whales and Bald Eagles while catching King Salmon and Coho is something people think is  just in brochures. The first day by 10:30 am everyone had caught a Salmon while trolling. We even missed a few as several of them were new to salmon fishing and it took a little bit of coaching and some hand signals to get all of them up to speed. They all caught on very quickly. IMGP5785

I have traveled to Switzerland many times and the first thing you notice is all the people. Then you look past all of that and start  to see the beauty of the country. That is why I kept going back.  Here in Kiliuda Bay you do not have to look past anything to see the beauty!!! It stares you right in the face every day. You can not ignore it. It is why we love being here. Sharing it with others is easy.

Fishing can be up or down any place you go. Any given day or week can be “off the bite”  That is just part of fishing.  But with this kind of scenery and wildlife added to the fishing, it makes Kodiak Island stand out from all the other places one can go fish.

But today the “bite ” was on for everyone!!!!!