We have kicked off the 2015 season with bear hunters taking 3 for 3 . Finishing the season early so we decided to wet some line and “continue hunting ” for kings. Did not take long !!!! First day, first hour, first spot !!! Kevin pumps up a 28lb white king.  2 more hours of trolling was great but nothing more landed in the cooler. 3 strikes and 2 hooked and lost fish for Bruce. (shook the hooks.)

He kept saying “Its not my fault ,Its not my fault !!!!” Hard to watch a grown man whimper. I did not to give him a hard time !!!  His hunting partner, Kevin did that for me

Day 2 : It was going to be different I told myself. Bruce needed a fish in the cooler. I changed to a different style hook. The results were accomplished and in the fish box. 2 Bright chrome kings, no lost fish.  30 lb and 33 lb  (big one a white meat again) . Only 3 hours and we decided to go in for lunch.

What a great way to start the 2015 season. We look forward to the upcoming fishing season and all the great return clients and many new ones as well.

See you all soon !!!! K. Barry king  (1)