Paul comes from a small town in Ohio. Not much happens there and if it does everyone knows it. This is middle America and a great place to be from.

Paul loves to fish and tell stories. Both of these make him a fun person to be with.  When he came to Kodiak Adventures Lodge it was his first trip to Alaska and we are always honored that people come here for their first trip. It gives us a chance to show someone what it means to be a true  Alaskan.

Paul fished for several days and caught some nice fish. But was still looking for that big one.  John and Jerry were also trying to hook something impressive. Many times they all had a big one on the hook for a few moments and then gone.  Paul had just pulled in a little halibut and needed one more for his limit. He felt a couple of tugs and then started to reel. He said it felt a little bigger but not too big. A few moments later it started to peel off line and run with it. It was at that time I figured we better get a fighting belt on him. Good thing as over 30 minutes later we finally got a look at it. It was huge. Coming straight up now I quickly harpooned it (Paul was running out of strength and his back was feeling it). Taking the harpoon ball down for quite a while is always  a thrill to see.

When we got it in the boat, Paul finally realized how big it really was. It was longer then him !!!!  He came here and said he did not care if he caught a big one and would be happy for John or Jerry if they did.  Karma struck and as fate would have it he was the one landing the huge Halibut. We are now the ones that are happy for him.

The only thing better then coming here for the first time is coming back again. They are already talking and planning a return trip in 2017 with the grandsons also.

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