In 2010 Lee came with his wife Donna for her birthday. All she wanted was a big fish for her birthday.  She did catch a big 60lb halibut that day.  That year Lee did catch fish, but nothing “big”.

This year they came back, but it was going to be Lee’s turn. He wanted to be the one to land a big fish.  He spent lots of time waiting with a rod in his hand. Missing a few good bites though out the trip and being patient, Lee was finally rewarded for his patients. After waiting 4 days and catching salmon and a few small halibut Lee hooked what he thought was a “nice” halibut.   Well he got plenty of fight out of this one. After several rounds of up and down we finally got a look at his catch. L. Miller 140 (4)

One good jab with a harpoon and it was his.  The scale showed it was bigger then we originally thought.  A hefty  140 lbs. We turned loose bigger fish earlier in the year but this would be the biggest we kept for the year.  Even though it was again Donna’s birthday during the week. Her present was a smile on Lee’s face. She did get to keep a 65 lb halibut, beating the last birthday fish by 5 lbs. Birthday wishes can come true!!!